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Are you looking for Wheel Balancing for your vehicle?

Uneven tread wear can cause the tyre to become unbalanced. These imbalances can be eliminated by attaching counterweights to the rim. Balancing should be done every time the tyres are changed.

If the steering wheel of your car suddenly starts to wobble despite a perfectly straight road and a broadly even surface, then the wheels are literally no longer running entirely smoothly. But this is not always due to a problem with the chassis or some other defect. Instead, it is an imbalance of the wheels caused by many factors. It would be best if you had professionally corrected these imbalances by your reliable partner - Tadley Tyre Services Tadley, as soon as possible.

Why is wheel balancing Tadley necessary?

Wheels can become deformed through contact with potholes or obstacles. This causes the centre of gravity of the rim and tyre to shift unevenly around the axle. In combination with the centrifugal force that occurs at high speeds, the wheel begins to vibrate, and the steering wheel starts to flutter. This not only increases wear on the tyres but also wear on other components of your vehicle.

Therefore, regular wheel balancing Tadley reduces the wear of the tyres and prevents expensive consequential damage to the vehicle and increases driving comfort and your safety at the same time.

The advantages at a glance:

  • Increased service life
  • Even tyre wear
  • Improved driving comfort
  • More safety in road traffic
  • Less wear on other components

How can an imbalance be detected?

The most important indications of an imbalance in the wheels can be detected in various ways. On the one hand, while driving, the steering wheel starts to wobble at high speeds, and you can perceive clear vibrations.

Or on the other hand, your specialist partner will detect an imbalance during the next tyre change and recommend that you have the wheels rebalanced.

What is done when balancing wheels?

When balancing car wheels, two basic methods are used - static and dynamic balancing. While the wheel is dismantled in the static method, the tyre remains on the car in the dynamic method.

Static balancing

At most car workshops, the wheels are clamped in a special machine. During rotation, various sensors determine whether the wheels are running round or unevenly. If an imbalance is detected, it is corrected by means of small weights. These balance the unevenly distributed weight of the tyre and ensure that the wheel runs round.

Dynamic balancing

In addition to the static method, the so-called electronic fine balancing checks the even rotation of the car wheel directly on the vehicle.

When and how often should wheel balancing be carried out?

Evenly rotating car wheels are essential for smooth driving and the safety of all vehicle occupants. Therefore, you should have the wheels balanced once a year or at the latest at the next tyre change.

Irrespective of this, it is also advisable to have an imbalance removed immediately in the following scenarios:

  • Every time the tyres are changed (summer/winter tyres)
  • If the steering wheel starts to wobble at high speeds
  • If uneven tyre wear is noticed
  • If a balancing weight that has already been fitted is lost
  • When fitting new tyres
  • After long or improper storage of the tyres

At Tadley Tyre Services, balancing the car’s wheels is integral to every seasonal tyre change. The same applies to the fitting of new tyres and rims.

If you have any questions, please get in touch with us. We are here for you.

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