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Continental Tyres

Tadley Tyre Services stock an extensive range of premium quality Continental Tyres Tadley for all types of vehicles and models. One of the largest tyre manufacturing companies in the world, Continental Tyres are great for unleashing your vehicle’s true potential. From the finest summer tyres for wet and dry roads to winter tyres to tackle the snow, our experts at Tadley Tyre Services will suggest you with the best set of tyres to defeat any terrain. Created from state-of-the-art technology, Continental Tyres available at Tadley Tyre Services garage will offer the finest on and off-road driving experience in any weather condition. We feature the highest-rated and latest generation of Continental Tyres for our precious clientele. Some of them include-

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres by Continental are specially designed to offer the best traction for manoeuvring on dry and wet roads. Its optimised tread depth and wider shoulder blocks provide high stability in curves and optimal mileage performance in hot weather conditions. The most acclaimed set of Continental summers tyres at Tadley Tyre Services garage include-

  • EcoContact 6Q
  • Premium Contact 6
  • Sport Contact 6

Winter Tyres

Get the ultimate set of winter tyres to handle snowy and icy roads. Features including SnowCurve+ technology, deep tread patterns, and special compound makes winter tyres by Continental the best pick for cold temperatures. Our garage stock the highest-rated winter tyres, some of them include-

  • WinterContact™ TS 860
  • WinterContact™ TS 860 S
  • ContiWinterContact™ TS 850

All-Season Tyres

Get the most convenient tyres for all-year-round performance in moderate weather conditions. Continental's all-season tyres offer versatile performance and save you the hassle of changing them every season. Tadley Tyre Services stock the only best and authentic all-season Continental Tyres for our customers-

    • VanContact™ 4Season

Performance Tyres

Want the best set of tyres for driving in your high-speed sports car? Then get performance tyres by Continental available at Tadley Tyre Services today. These tyres offer track performance on city roads and are perfect for enhanced braking and cornering at high speed. Our finest performance tyres by Continental include-

  • ContiCrossContact UHP
  • ContiCrossContact UHP SSR
  • Premiumcontact6

4x4 Tyres

Perfect tyres for any Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV), 4x4 tyres special tread pattern offers much better load-carrying capacity and enhanced stability at high speeds. These tyres the perfect tools for off-roading adventures. The most popular Continental 4x4 tyres in our garage include-

  • CrossContact™ RX
  • CrossContact™ ATR
  • ContiSportContact™ 5 SUV

Run Flat Tyres

Add extra safety in your car by installing the latest Continental run-flat tyres available at Tadley Tyre Services. Their ability to function even during a puncture makes them reliable in difficult situations. The best Continental run-flat tyres in our inventory are-

  • EcoContact™ 6
  • WinterContact™ TS 860 S
  • WinterContact™ TS 850 P

Why Choose Tadley Tyre Services?

Authentic Products

Tadley Tyre Services garage inventory is stocked with only the original products from top brands for our clientele. Budget-friendly prices- We offer tyres for all budgets and car types.

Highly-skilled Team

Well experienced in the field, our technicians are aware of your vehicle’s needs and will suggest you the perfect set of tyres.

Environment safety

Making our contribution towards the planet, all our products are made with advanced technology and have a low impact on the environment.

You can stop looking for the finest Continental tyres Tadley, visit our Tadley Tyre Services garage today to find a range of tyres available at affordable prices. We also provide mobile tyre fitting options with your online tyre purchase.

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