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Bridgestone Tyres

With over 90 years of continuous innovation in the tyre industry, Bridgestone has been providing high-quality tyres manufactured with state-of-the-art technology to offer the finest on and off-road driving experience. Our garage stocks a wide range of Bridgestone tyres Tadley perfect to tackle any kind of terrain and weather condition. From seasonal tyres to high-performance models we can provide tyres for every budget. Tadley Tyre Services offers only authentic EU labelled Bridgestone tyres to our ever-growing clientele. Unleash the true potential of your vehicle and enjoy the utmost robustness of these tyres on any terrain. Simply come to our facility and select from our inventory or ask our certified professionals, and they will guide you towards the perfect set of tyres for your wheels.

Alternatively, you can also order your new tyres Tadley directly from this website. Just provide you vehicle’s registration number and see what we have to offer. Select your favourites and choose where and when you would like to get them fitted to your vehicle.

Types of Bridgestone Tyres at Our Garage

All-season tyres

Weather Control A005 Evo

The Weather Control A005 Evo by Bridgestone is the latest edition of all-season tyres equipped with a V-shaped pattern and an upgraded Nano Pro-Tech compound. The special sipes work cohesively for enhanced braking and acceleration. Also, available with DriveGuard technology, this model guarantees effective puncture protection.

Weather Control A005

Awarded the highest EU Label Grade, the Weather Control A005 by Bridgestone is effective in wet gripping and features deep grooves along with a customised tread compound.

Summer tyres


A reliable and durable summer car tyre, The TURANZA T005 by Bridgestone provides outstanding control over your vehicle on wet as well as dry surfaces. The optimised tread pattern and deep blocks assist in dispensing the water swiftly and decreasing the rolling resistance, thus lowering your vehicle's fuel consumption.


Turanza EL42 is the perfect touring tyre that offers comfort and economy. These tyres are ideal for SUVs and will improve your car's performance.

Winter tyres


The BLIZZAK DM-V3 is the latest generation of studless Winter tyres by Bridgestone and offers better performance and longevity during harsh winter conditions. It is 25% more durable when compared to the previous model and is manufactured by using the recent tyre innovations.


BLIZZAK ICE by Bridgestone offers an 8% to 25% reduction in braking distance. The special compound ensures longevity and is able to tackle the extremes of winters without any hassle. Manufactured with a multi-cell compound, the tyre is able to absorb water from ice, providing an enhanced grip/traction.

Whether you need the finest road-gripping tyres or seasonal tyres, our inventory contains the best Bridgestone tyres Tadley perfect for any vehicle. Tackle any unpredictable road and perform well in any weather conditions without any hesitation.

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