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Are you looking for Exhaust Repairs for your vehicle?

A malfunctioning car exhaust system is one of the main reasons that cause an MOT failure. The exhaust system converts the harmful gases into less toxic gasses before releasing them into the environment. A faulty exhaust system not only affects the passengers but also affects the vehicle's fuel efficiency, performance and engine health.

Therefore, you should consider opting for routine exhaust service Tadley to avoid costly repair bills and further complications.

We here at Tadley Tyre Services, offer exhaust checks and services at market-best rates.

What Are The Signs Of A Malfunctioning Car Exhaust System?

Some of the warning signs of a faulty exhaust system are as follows:

  • Poor fuel economy due to an increase in fuel consumption
  • Pungent stench of toxic gases due to damaged exhaust tubes and pipes
  • Engine misfires due to clogged exhaust chambers
  • Loud noise from beneath the vehicle due to cracked pipes, silencers, etc.

If you come across any of the symptoms mentioned above, come to us as soon as possible and opt for our exhaust service Tadley.

About Our Exhaust Service

Our experts use cutting-edge tools and the latest technology to check the various components of the exhaust system. These components include:

  • Catalytic converter
  • Tailpipe
  • Oxygen sensors
  • Silencer
  • Exhaust manifold, etc.

This inspection allows us to understand the crux of the issue and decide the course of action accordingly. However, nearly all damaged exhaust parts are not repairable, so we offer cost-effective replacement solutions with OE-grade spares. These spares are of superior quality and ensure optimal vehicle performance and driving safety.

Benefits Of An Exhaust Service

Since the exhaust system is mounted underneath your vehicle, it is always exposed to poor weather- and road conditions. Owing to this, the exhaust pipe, manifold and other components corrode easily. Opting for a routine exhaust service can ensure optimal vehicle performance and driving experience.

That being said, some of the benefits of a routine exhaust service are as follows:

  • Controls the emission of toxic gases
  • Reduces exhaust noises
  • Improves the fuel efficiency
  • Increases the acceleration power of your vehicle

Book An Exhaust Service Online

You can book an exhaust service online using the appointment booking tool on our website. Just enter your vehicle details or its reg.-number, in the appointment booking tool. As soon as our customer service team receives your details, they will get back to you with the necessary information in no time.

You can, of course, also come to us directly. You will find our workshop at Unit 1A/1B Brick Kiln Ind Est, Silchester Rd, Tadley RG26 3PX.

If you have any questions, you can also call us on 0118 9815611 or send us an email at

You can now stop searching for “exhaust services near me”. Just get in touch with us today.

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