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Are you looking for Summer Tyres for your vehicle?

Tackle the at times intense summer heat with the best set of tyres Tadley available at our facility. Specifically designed to provide enhanced traction and control on hot, dry tarmacs, our extensive range of summer tyres are available for all types of vehicle models.

Improve your car's performance during the hottest months of the year and get a new set of summer tyres available at affordable prices. From world-class brands and highest-rated products, over mid-range or budget tyres Tadley, we at Tadley Tyre Services have you covered.

The special, more complex compound and unique tread pattern allow enhanced fuel efficiency and resist aquaplaning by improving handling performance. Come to our garage in Tadley today, and our highly skilled technicians will suggest the perfect set of tyres for your particular vehicle and budget.

Why get summer tyres?


Manufactured with hard rubber compounds, these tyres are created to adapt to the intense heat of summer tarmacs. It ensures effective gripping and cornering precision on wet surfaces and reduces rolling resistance, leading to decreased fuel consumption.

Improved Handling

Summer tyres enhance your braking, traction and cornering efficiency on hot tarmacs, making them highly reliable on warm and dry surfaces.


Reduce the risks of hydroplaning due to the specially designed tread patterns that offer a trustworthy longitudinal and lateral grip.

Enhanced Handling

The tyres offer exceptional steering feedback, making them perfect for long drives.

Two examples of our most popular summer tyres Tadley:

Potenza S001 By Bridgestone

Manufactured with high grip shoulder blocks, the Potenza S001 offers superb cornering and control precision on wet as well as dry summer roads. Also, these tyres are available with enhanced longitudinal stiffness that increases the braking performance. Moreover, the tyres offer efficient hydroplaning resistance, and the off-centre straight rib provides stability at high speeds.

EcoContact 6 By Continental

The Continental EcoContact 6 is manufactured with an ingenious proprietary silica compound. This tyre significantly reduces rolling resistance, enabling enhanced fuel efficiency. Moreover, the latest Green Chilli 2.0 compound decreases tyre wear and improves durability.

Finally, you can stop searching for the best summer tyres near me. Tadley Tyre Services are here for you. Choose and buy your tyres directly from this website (you can also book a garage- or mobile fitting appointment at the same time) or simply come to our garage.

If you have any queries or need advice on which tyre brand to go for, please feel free to contact us at any time during our business hours.

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