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Are you looking for Wheel Alignment for your vehicle?

Misalignment - Expensive and dangerous.

A misaligned track is more than just a nuisance. You might get used to a car that pulls slightly to one side. But not so much with tyres that wear out quickly. If the vehicle is suspected of driving with a misaligned axle, action should therefore be taken quickly.

On this page, we would like to tell you a bit more about wheel alignment, what it means, and why it is so important.

A misaligned track or axle can be detected in various ways.

If the car pulls to one side when driving straight, even at low speeds, this may indicate a defective track - Rumbling and banging when steering definitely indicates damage to the ball joint or the coupling rod. A clacking in the strut bearing can also lead to lurching on the road. Shock absorbers and springs also make themselves felt in the event of defects through noises and changes in driving behaviour.

However, if the car only pulls to one side at high speeds, it is usually due to the tyres. Even a slight difference in air pressure can lead to a deterioration in handling.

If the vehicle is stationary, front tyres that are worn on the inside are a strong indication of a defective track. In this case, the tyres no longer turn in a straight line but are permanently at a slight angle to the direction of travel. This, of course, causes enormous wear.

How does the axle become misaligned?

An axle is adjusted at the toe joint and the camber. The adjustment has the task of aligning all four wheels as parallel to each other as possible when driving straight ahead. Only in this state does the car actually drive reliably straight.

Reasons for misalignment:

  • Age-related misalignment
  • Error during repairs
  • Damage to the chassis
  • Damage to the body

A car that has been driven many tens of thousands of miles may well have a slightly misaligned track. This is nothing serious and can be easily repaired. There is no exact interval at which a car's toe should be checked. However, a good time is always when new tyres are fitted. If the old tyres are found to be worn on one side, the toe should be checked with the new ones.

The "classic" reasons that make wheel alignment necessary are hitting a curb, going over a speed bumper too fast or driving through a pothole at high speed.

A wheel alignment Tadley at Tadley Tyre Services takes about one hour. We use the latest laser technology to align the wheels within a hundredth of a millimetre.

Once the vehicle is put on the ramp and all sensors/mirrors are installed,

a measurement report is visible on our computer screen.

This report shows the following values:

Front wheels

  • Caster
  • Spread
  • Toe difference
  • Single toe
  • Total toe
  • Wheel offset
  • Maximum wheel offset

Rear wheels

  • Camber
  • Single toe
  • Total toe

Each of these positions is assigned a setpoint and a tolerance. Our experts will then adjust the wheel alignment Tadley accordingly.

We hope you have found this information page useful. If you have any questions or would like to book an appointment, please get in touch with us.

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