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Tadley Tyre Services next door to Sainsbury’s , we take care of your vehicle while you shop in Sainsbury’s.

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Tadley Tyres Ltd. is one of the most reliable garages in Theale and your one-stop shop for your cheap tyres Theale and car service needs. Since we have put our foot in this industry, we have tried to match our tyre stock with your expectations. Moreover, we always try to invest in the latest equipment and technology available in the market so that our service experts can provide some of the best services in minimum time.

Cheap Tyres in Theale

If you are looking for some trustworthy car tyre retailer around Theale, we suggest you drop down to our facility to check our vast tyre inventory. We stock budget, mid-range, and premium tyres Theale from renowned manufacturers that match your constantly changing requirements. A few of the best-selling brands we retail at Tadley tyres include:

  • Continental
  • Michelin
  • Bridgestone
  • Goodyear
  • Dunlop
  • Michelin

What Can You Expect When You Come To Our Facility

We have a dedicated team of service executives who will help you select the perfect cheap tyres Theale, from one of the global brands.

You can choose from:

Summer Tyres Theale

These are hard rubber compound tyres that offer precise handling performance and help in reducing rolling resistance on hot and dry roads.

All-season Tyres

They are made by combining the best features of both season tyres (summer and winter); these tyres reduce the hassle of changing tyres when the season changes.

Winter Tyres Theale

These are soft rubber compound tyres that offer unmatched grip and traction on snow-laden icy roads.

Run-flat Tyres

These are those car tyres that are customised with safety features. They allow your vehicle to be driven at a limited speed for a certain distance even after having a puncture.

High-Performance Tyres

These tyres are specially engineered for sports cars and high-end premium vehicles. They deliver precision, better control, and handling stability even at very high speeds.

Buy Tyres Online from Tadley Tyres

If you are stuck with prior engagements and you cannot drive to our facility, we have a better solution for you. You can now browse through our tyre inventory online and get instant quotes by entering your car's registration number and other desired details.

Once you find your desired tyres, you can buy them online directly from our website. You can then plan and tell us when you would like to come to us to get the tyres fitted in our workshop.

If you can’t come, we will bring our mobile tyre fitting Theale service workshop to your doorstep.

Our services

Tadley Tyres Ltd. is equipped with the advanced wheel alignment Theale equipment our technicians use for quick and accurate wheel alignment checks.

Tadley Tyres Ltd. also uses advanced car balancers for static and dynamic wheel balancing.

We recommend you drive over to our facility if you detect black smoke coming from the car’s exhaust pipe. It is a symptom of an issue with the car's exhaust system. Reach to Tadley tyres for the reliable exhaust service to cut down polluting gas emissions, ensure proper fuel consumption and reduce the engine noise of your car.

To know more about the services of Tadley Tyres Ltd., call 0118 9815611 or send us an email at

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