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Tadley Tyre Services next door to Sainsbury’s , we take care of your vehicle while you shop in Sainsbury’s.

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It is a never-ending search for the perfect garage which can take care of your vehicle the way you do. Tadley Tyres Ltd does exactly that and more by providing tyres Stanford End.

We at Tadley Tyres respect both the man and machine, and our professional mechanics would greet you with a smile. Apart from examining the car thoroughly, they value your opinion as you know your vehicle better than anybody.

As a car owner, you would always prefer a smooth ride and it is quality tyres that ensure that. Our tyre experts at Tadley Tyres understand this well and allow you to choose the best set of tyres from the wide stock they hold of cheap tyres Stanford End in their Garage.

Tadley Tyres does not stop with tyres specialization as our servicing of the car is admirable too without leaving any stone unturned in the process.

Tadley's, the car service specialist

Among the many special services, Tadley Tyres insists on the following.

Exhaust Services are mandatory when the car comes in for periodic service. The pipes are cleaned thoroughly along with the pathway for the waste to make a clean escape. The result is improved mileage, and the vehicle does not choke at all

Wheel Balancing: Your hope of a smooth ride would be spoilt by improper wheel balancing. The rule of the thumb states that it's best to do wheel balancing once in 5000 Kms or Six months, whichever happens, earlier. The advantages are many, including Increased Durability of tyres, Protection of vehicle suspension, Better mileage and Safety.

Wheel alignment: Even though a customer brings in the vehicle for a wheel alignment Stanford End only when the problems get out of hand, Tadley's insists on periodic wheel alignment Stanford End. Such precautions would help the driver from the following:

Mobile –tyre fitting Stanford End: Get in touch with Tadley Tyres Ltd. if you experience a vehicle breakdown and require a tyre change or puncture repair. We offer mobile tyre fittings in Stanford End. Upon arrival, our team of experts will examine your vehicle and ensure that it is ready for the road again.

Tyres at Tadley Tyres Ltd

Tyre specialists do not earn the reputation easily and Tadley Tyres have worked hard for this reputation.

Tadley's stock a wide range of tyres which can cater to all categories of vehicles and customers. Thus, our stock of tyres falls into all three categories of Budget, mid-range and Premium without compromising quality.

On the other hand, our stock contains all the best in branded tyres globally. With expert mechanics, Tadley succeeds in fitting the tyres perfectly.

Tadley Tyres makes the tyres affordable by pricing them as cheap tyres Stanford End.

Why Tadley Tyres?

The mechanics and management at Tadley Tyres are determined and passionate about providing their customers with the best tyres and services.

To know more about how Tadley Tyres Ltd operates, call 0118 9815611 or send us an email at

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