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Tyres Lichfield

Each vehicle tyre has a particular size, style, tread design and company recommended service pattern. Well, Tadley tyres Lichfield provides the most customized and reliable doorstep tyre fitment and car services. Here you will find a solution to your vehicle service-related requirements. Tadley tyres Ltd is one of the most reliable garages in the UK that supplies affordable and cheap tyres, Lichfield. Whether driving in town or off-road, we have tyres and car services to fit and be suitable for your vehicle.

Your First Safety Specialist

Tyres are the first contact point between your car and the road. They make your car ride smooth, comfortable and, when required, respond well to braking. To ensure your and your family’s safety on the road, we make sure you choose the right set of tyres fitted to your vehicle to deal with any emergency that might arise on the road.

Tyres at Tadley

Tadley Tyres Ltd offers a comprehensive range of cheap tyres Lichfield from all leading tyre manufacturers. We offer very competitive prices for budget tyres, mid-range tyres and premium tyres to give you the best choice according to your driving requirements.

Remember your car tyres are the only point of contact between the vehicle and the road. That’s why it is essential to consider seasonal and weather conditions while making the right decision about which tyres to buy.

The right choice of tyres depends on your vehicle type, driving style, place and weather where you live. At Tadley Tyres Ltd, we offer different types of tyres like winter, summerband all-season to suit your tyres requirement.

Your First Choice for Car Services

Our service specialists at Tadley Tyres Lichfield have received thorough training and are professionals in their field. In addition to tyres, our car service centre uses their expert knowledge for a wide range of other services, such as wheel alignment Lichfield, wheel balancing, brake repair, exhaust service, etc. Find out more car facilities here, at Tadley Tyres Ltd.

Mobile Tyre fitting Lichfield

Mobile Tyre fitting Lichfield is our most reliable on hand service for your rescue in case of emergency when you can’t reach the garage. We will bring our garage to your doorstep and repair your vehicle punctures, flat or burst tyres, etc.

Wheel Alignment Lichfield

Our laser wheel alignment service could help you conserve fuel and fill up less often. Misalignment of wheels can decrease fuel mileage by up to 10%. Wheel alignment Lichfield is a must to enjoy safe and comfortable driving.

Getting your vehicle wheels aligned and checking their alignment every year can help you save money in many ways. Poorly aligned wheels cause wear out of tyres faster, and they need replacement more often.

Wheel Balancing

Wheel balancing is a procedure of adjusting the wheels to prevent vehicle vibration at all speeds. Wheel balancing is necessary to allow you to enjoy comfortable and safe driving. At Tadley Tyres Ltd, we are tyre experts to promise you optimal wheel balancing.

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