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It is significant for car buyers to stay more cautious about safety. However, while talking about safety features, you may visualise airbags, ABS, EBD and others. We often neglect the ‘tyres’ of a vehicle. Tyres are the contact patch to the surface of the road. So it is essential to upkeep the tyres and replace them after a certain period. Buy or replace your vehicle tyres only at Tadley Tyres Ltd in Ashmore Green.

Choosing Right Tyres for Your Car

Selecting the right tyres for your car can boost its overall performance, including fuel consumption and safety. If you haven’t checked your car tyres in the last few days, you should check them immediately to see if they need replacement.

If you are also looking to change your car tyres Ashmore Green, Tadley Tyres Ltd presents the best tyres options for your car. We offer all brand cheap tyres Ashmore Green.

Types of Tyres

It is crucial to choose the tyres for your car, considering the severity of the weather where you live. You can select from a wide range of tyres at Tadley Tyres Ltd. Some of the tyres are:

Summer Tyres

Summer tyres provide a better handle and grip on dry and wet road surfaces and are the most commonly fitted tyres to cars. They are designed to perform in mild weather conditions of 7°C and above.

Winter Tyres

Winter tyres consist of a higher proportion of rubber that makes them soft as well as more elastic. Hence the level of grip the tyre offers at temperatures below 7°c increases. Winter tyres are ideal for temperatures below 7°c and areas with substantial snowfall or ice.

All-Season Tyres

All-season tyres or all-weather tyres combine the technologies of both winter and summer tyres and allow you to run one the same set of tyres all year round. These tyres are designed to perform and provide safety in both winter and summer weather.

Essential things that you need to keep in mind while buying tyres for your car include:

The reputation of the manufacturer

You can buy tyres for your car from Tadley Tyres Ashmore Green. At Tadley Tyres, you can find cheap tyres Ashmore Green from renowned manufacturers with better quality material and high standard products.


Tadley Tyres provides a manufacturer warranty, including the manufacturing defects in all the tyres products sold by us.

Date of manufacture

Make sure to check the date of tyre manufacturing, which is mentioned on its sidewall. Never buy a tyre older than six months.

Other Car Services we offer

At Tadley Tyres, we offer other adjacent services, including wheel balancing, exhaust service, and wheel alignment Ashmore Green. We also provide mobile tyre fitting Ashmore Green with our well-equipped mobile tyre service van. Now get your car tyres fitted at your place and convenience. Give us a call at 0118 9815611 or get in touch with us by dropping an email to

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