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Looking for a garage to avail best quality services for your vehicle. Worry not anymore because Tadley Tyres Ltd is here to serve you. Have you ever experienced vibrations at a certain speed on your steering wheel? Mostly after driving through an abrasive road? If yes, it is time that you get wheel balancing checked off your car. Tyres may be rebalanced if you feel excessive vibrations while driving.

Don’t worry Tadley Tyres Andwell will take care of it. Our technicians are highly skilled and have specific areas in which they specialize. We will always do our utmost to give you quality car services.

Protecting your car from Wheel balancing problems

Wheel Balancing is required by every vehicle after every 10000 km. It keeps the tyres safe from uneven wear and protects you from risky driving. If you feel any vibrations while driving, visit Tadley Tyres Ltd. Our experts will diagnose the cause of it — a bent wheel, a damaged tire, worn suspension parts or other aging components.

What are the signs of out-of-balance wheels?

    • Steering-wheel vibration at faster speed
    • Seat or floorboard vibration at faster speed
    • Poor fuel economy

Why should you get your wheel balancing checked?

Some Benefits of Wheel Balancing are:

    • It will save you from the risky drive
    • Smooth driving experience
    • Protection of your tyres from uneven wearing
    • Vibrations control on the steering wheel
    • More control of your vehicle

What other services you can get at Tadley Tyres Ltd-

In our well-equipped workshop, we are able to cope with complete car services in Andwell. We have a wide variety of specialist tools and diagnostic equipment to suit most makes and models for any kind of car services, exhaust services, and cheap tyres Andwell.

Other auto services you may be interested in at our garage:

Tyre Repair – Our technicians will inspect your tyres to see if there's a problem and if it can be fixed with a plug or patch. We will repair in accordance with industry standards at all times.

Tyre Rotation – Our technician will remove the existing tyres and wheels and inspect for any uneven wear on the tyres, reset the air pressure, then re-install the tyres following normal rotation patterns to improve the life of the tyres.

Wheel Alignment - Proper wheel alignment helps your vehicle run safely and fuel efficiently. Visit Tadley Tyres for affordable and cheap tyres Andwell. Our technicians will inspect and set your wheel angles to their recommended settings.

Book in now with a qualified technician at Tadley Tyres Ltd

When you choose to have a wheel balancing or wheel alignment or a car service done through Tadley Tyres Ltd, a qualified technician will diagnose your vehicle using a special machine and make all the necessary changes that ensure your steering wheel is centred and tyres are in the correct facing position. Enjoy a smoother ride after an experience with us. Book an appointment today with us at 0118 9815611 or drop an email at to know more about Tadley.

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