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We know looking for reliable tyres Adbury is one big hassle. If you are someone looking for mobile tyre fitting Adbury, then Tadley Tyres Ltd is where you should look for. Tadley Tyres Ltd is one of the most reliable garages where you can find good quality yet cheap tyres Adbury.

Every time a car enters our garage, our automotive technicians inspect the vehicle for other issues that can be detected and addressed earlier rather than later. We know for best performance from your vehicle, it is important that the vehicle runs on the right wheel alignment. Our professional technicians will check and guide if your vehicle's wheel alignment and wheel balancing is proper or not. Because we understand, it is of utmost importance for a driver to have a sense of control over the manoeuvrability of their vehicle.

If you are going for tyre replacement, choosing the right set of tyres can increase the entire performance of your vehicle, including fuel consumption and safety. And when you buy tyres for your car or go for your car service there are 3 things you should always check for –

Reputation of the service provider

Tadley Tyres Ltd is a trusted and renowned tyre service provider in Adbury. We provide better quality material and high standard products and car service.


Before you go to buy new tyres Adbury, always check for the warranty period. We always inform our clients about the warranty period of the tyres.

Date of manufacture

Date of manufacture is generally represented by a four-digit number (DOT code) where the first 2 digits indicate the week while the last 2 digits depict the year of manufacturing. We always recommend and never give our customers a tyre that is older than 6 months.

Services you can avail at Tadley Tyres

Wheel alignment

Misaligned wheels can lead to unnecessary wear on your vehicle tyres, suspension, steering and brakes. Wheel alignment helps in increasing tyre life and ensures a smooth ride.

Wheel balancing

Wheel balancing is not the same as wheel alignment, it is the procedure of correcting the weight imbalance on your tyres and wheel assembly to make your travel even.

Tyre fitting

Tadley Tyres is not only the place to buy durable tyres but you can also get your vehicle tyres fitted. Get your vehicle tyres fitted at the garage or give us a call to avail of the service at your feasible place.

For any kind of tyres and car services Adbury, reach out to Tadley Tyres Ltd on phone at 0118 9815611 or email us at We’ll help you with cheap tyres Adbury that won’t hurt your pockets. You’ll get great customer service. Our staff is friendly, quick, professional and thorough. Being thorough in our line of work is something we take pride in; we want you to feel safe about your vehicle in our hands.

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