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Are you looking for Timing Belts for your vehicle?

A timing belt is one of the most important components of the vehicle's internal combustion system. This cambelt or timing belt is responsible for the movement of pistons and valves, ensuring the rotation of the camshaft and crankshaft are in sync. Therefore, a faulty timing belt can severely affect the overall functioning of an engine and lead to costly repair bills.

A snapped timing belt can even result in serious, un-repairable engine damage.

Avoid these problems with regular (please see vehicle handbook) timing belt checks Tadley from Tadley Tyre Services. We offer cambelt replacements at cost-effective rates and for various vehicle makes and models. Further, our technicians are well-versed with the latest automobile technologies and ensure accurate results.

Why Opt For A Timing Belt Service?

A timing belt is composed of rubber and prone to premature damage due to the following factors:

  • Poor vehicle maintenance
  • Poor driving habits
  • Frequent tours rough roads

Again, a worn-out timing belt fails to synchronise the movement of the camshaft and crankshaft. As a result, the valve and piston collide more in a minute, affecting the engine’s performance and leading to sudden vehicle breakdowns.

About Our Timing Belt Service

Our technicians will thoroughly check the condition of a timing belt and conduct additional checks to find underlying issues. Further, we refer to the car’s manual to know the vehicle-specific details.

After the inspection, we will replace the damaged or worn-out timing belt with OE-grade spares to resolve the issue. These spares have superior construction and ensure optimal vehicle performance and durability.

Further, we have a transparent pricing policy and ensure you do not have to pay additional charges while opting for our services.

Hence, stop searching for “timing belt repairs near me” and come to us at Unit 1A/1B Brick Kiln Ind Est, Silchester Rd, Tadley RG26 3PX.

Alternatively, you can book this service from the comfort of your home. Just locate the appointment booking tool on our website and enter your vehicle and engine details. Our customer service team will get back to you with the appointment details as soon as possible.

Please call us on 0118 9815611 for advice and quotes.

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